Turn your expertise

into products

that make money for you,

give you time back,

and increase the value of your business

Are you great at what you do? But overworked and tied to your business? Would you like to have more time back while scaling up or your business?

It may seem too good to be true, but there is a repeatable formula for turning your hard-won knowledge and expertise (your IP) into products that will make money for you, even while you’re asleep.

Have a look around at the free resources we have to get you started, then when you’re ready to make your ideas a reality, get involved with our innovation incubator or other packages to help you avoid the common pitfalls and accelerate the process.

Your IP

You’ve worked hard to gain knowledge and expertise over many years

Don't trade your time for money

Your time is precious, better spent on strategy or with your family. You’ve earned it!

Watch out!

Don’t fall into the traps most businesses do when productising

Your value

You deserve to earn what you’re worth, without working round the clock

Build assets that work for you

Create products and assets that make money for you 24/7

Follow our proven pathway

We know how to shortcut the process, saving you time, money and stress


It works like magic (hint: it’s not though)

Design your products

Have a great idea? Don’t celebrate yet. Make sure it will sell before you invest in building it out. In this step we follow a proven method to source the information we need to be sure your products will sell reliably.

Expand your influence

Now that your products are designed, we need a flood of leads. In this stage we clarify and visualise your IP so that you have compelling communication with prospects, partners and even staff.

Digitise, automate and liberate

How should you be spending your time? Not on paperwork, or copying bits of information between systems, or delivering the same information over and over. And neither should your staff.


Andrew talks us through the 3 steps above + 2 bonus steps on How to leverage your existing IP to get more time, profit, and increase the value of your business


I’m curious, how do I get started?

Product Innovation Incubator

Ensure your idea will sell
  • Find the right market for your products
  • Ensure your products will sell
  • Discover how much you can charge
  • 3 weeks of lessons
  • 1:1 Strategy Session

Strategy Session

Do I even need UYIP?
  • Find out how lucrative your IP is
  • What’s involved in productising?
  • Are you ready to productise?
  • Do you even need the UYIP system?
  • The price of this session is deductible against further UYIP packages

Who is Andrew?

Andrew Ramsden has been leading product innovation, digital strategy and transformation inside businesses large and small for over 15 years. But even in executive roles and leading large-scale transformation programs his mantra has always been: You need to think and act like a small business!

The truth is, it’s actually much easier to be innovative inside a small business. And by tapping into Andrew’s proprietary Unleash Your IP System, your business can stand out from the crowd, thrive and even disrupt the competition.

By documenting your Intellectual Property into systems and processes, you are decreasing the reliance that the business has on you, which provides an increasing effect on the business’ multiplier and value
Jenny Letts

Owner, Jenny Letts Valuations and Forensics

Point Andrew at a whiteboard and start talking. He has a special knack for unpacking ideas and helping those in the room articulate, contextualise and visualise their IP, concepts and processes. His facilitation is spectacular. He knows how to ask the right questions to help you drill down to the essence of your IP, find the gaps and fill them—and then turn this into a suite of products and processes.
Rory Daly

Owner, East Edit

Andrew has been been my go-to guy in learning how to negotiate the world of digital for my company. Over only a few meetings, Andrew has patiently taken us many steps forward. He has a simple and clear approach and he speaks in a way that I can understand and put into practice.
Alec Burns

Owner, Wrapture Fine Foods

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